Friday Five 4/10/15

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Here are my Friday Five for the week:

1) Candles- I go through phases where I light lots of different candles and then I forget about them.  I have a stash of candles in a cabinet (it drives my husband crazy) and this week I pulled out a candle called “Beach Party”.  I won it as a prize at my school at the beginning of the school year.  It smells great!  Kind of a mix of sand and sunscreen but definitely makes our house smell like we are on vacation.


2) Iced Caramel Macchiatos- Yes, this is the second week in row I am still going to Starbucks every afternoon to get this drink.  Once I go back to work in a couple of weeks I will drastically cut down on my Starbucks outings.  My wallet and waistline will definitely be happy when I return to work.

3) Sour Gummy Bears- Was craving Sour Patch Kids this week but decided to try these instead.  They are pretty tasty!

Sour Gummy Bears

4) Sheriff Callie’s Wild West- My 7-week old is mesmerized by this show.  She hasn’t paid much attention to the tv so far but the other day this show came on and she seemed to love it.  I think she enjoys the songs and music.  She’ll start smiling and wiggling her arms and legs around.  Too cute!

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5) Groupon- I kind of forgot about Groupon but got an email this week and decided to buy the daily restaurant deal.  Although the restaurant was just kind of “meh” I liked being able to get $30 worth of food for only $18.  Going to try to find more deals for some of our favorite places and start trying new ones!