First Blog Post!!

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Welcome to Cook, Laugh, Play.  This blog will contain periodic insights about cooking, laughing, playing, and many other topics that make life so entertaining.  This weekend we did plenty of cooking, laughing, and playing.  Friday night was date night with the hubby and so we decided to go out to eat and then to go see a play.  Every once in a while we like to try a new restaurant and if we are feeling adventurous we will try unique cuisine.  We had a hankering for Thai food (I know, I know, not that adventurous) so we went to a restaurant called Latitude Eight Thai Grill.  It was pretty good!  We shared an appetizer (Chicken Satay) and main dish (Pad Thai).

Chx Satay Pad Thai

After dinner we went to a play called The Mousetrap.  We lucked out and got to sit in the first row.  The play was entertaining and I was unable to figure out who the killer was.  Loved guessing, changing my opinion during the play, and being kept on my toes!

The Mousetrap

Saturday we decided to host a Poker Party (hubby’s passion).  It was fun!  There were delicious treats to eat and drink and tons of laughter.  Oh yeah, and made about $15 too.  Not too shabby!

Poker Party

Sunday Night Dinner was great!  We decided to have our friends (and newlyweds), Janis and Rob, over along with our friends (and new parents), Amy and Jon (and their baby, Lucy).  We cooked chicken fajitas, rice, beans and apple crisp.  Everything turned out yummy and everyone had a blast.  After dinner and dessert we played Phrase Party.  Phrase Party is like the game Catch Phrase except it is a lot cheaper.  It was an app on hubby’s iPad that we downloaded for $1.99.  Phrase Party was great and everyone was laughing throughout the game.  Sunday Night Dinner was a success!